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About Wink Lorch

Wink Lorch

I’m Wink Lorch, wine writer, educator and editor. I live partly in London and partly in the French Alps, an hour from Geneva, and am a specialist in the wines of Jura and the French Alps.

Following successful funding on Kickstarter, in 2014 I wrote and self-published Jura Wine, the only book in English on the wines of the Jura, which won the best Drinks book in the André Simon Awards 2014. I published my bigger, long-awaited second book Wines of the French Alps: Savoie, Bugey and beyond in July 2019 and it has received rave reviews.

I have over 30 years of experience in wine education, tastings and presentations. I love to entertain groups about wine in a straight-forward, gently irreverent manner.

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