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Drinkin’ Wine Blues and New Social Media Skills

Drinkin’ Wine Blues and New Social Media Skills

High time I paused for a while to consider the blues. Only just discovered this classic. It beats me how I can have spent all these 30 years interested in wine and the blues and still missed it:


So how did I find Sticks McGee sings Drinkin’ Wine Spo – Dee – O – Dee? Well, I’ve been dabblin’ in social media, man …

LinkedIn is the serious business one I’ve used for a while, but then I discovered Twitter and Open Wine Consortium both of which are regularly frequented by a bunch of serious – or not – wine bloggers. I’m really enjoying the 140-word discipline of Twitter (known by some as a form of micro-blogging, by others as a micro-forum). Today, I kept my own interest up and sparked off some of my – mainly American – Twitter followers’ interest (even on the day after Thanksgiving) with a tweet about an obscure red grape variety – Prunelard, whilst I was updating the three South-West France region wine travel guides from Paul Strang.

Anyway, back to the blues in question: I happened to look at a blog from dhonig – cartoonist and wine geek and there it was! Thank you. So, now I’ve posted it here (having logged onto YouTube and found out how to embed a video) and also on my newly busy Facebook page. Aren’t my social media skills coming on? I’m hoping this new form of networking will be useful for business – in the meantime, it’s quite fun!


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  1. congratulations!now, try this one (and maybe it will get you into the musical social media scenes of last.fm and blip.fm http://blip.fm/profile/SamJagger/blip/291371

    Nov 28, 2008
  2. My pleasure. I’m glad you found it. Are you on the Wine Twitters List yet? http://winetwitter.blogspot.com/Comment there or DM me on Twitter, and welcome to the world of wine twitters.I’ll add a cross-link to 2 Days per Bottle. Also, have you checked out The 89 Project (http://89project.blogspot.com) yet? Are you interested in joining? DM me on Twitter for that, too.

    Jan 8, 2009