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It’s a Gift!

It’s a Gift!

Showing off Wine Travel Guides at The Wine Show in London was interesting. Of course, the stand didn’t appeal to everyone as it was dry! We wondered whether to offer wine from one of the recommended producers in the Guides, but then decided it would defeat the object, as visitors would be tasting the wine and we would be talking about it and the producer instead of talking about the Guides themselves.

The reaction to the website was great – the inevitable question was “what other countries do you do beyond France?” and the inevitable answer was “none yet, but we will add other wine regions little by little in a year or so once the site is properly established”. It was interesting asking visitors where else they would like to see covered – the British visitors mostly answered far-flung places like Chile, Argentina or New Zealand. However, foreigners (from the USA, Australia, Japan, Korea and others) living in London or just visiting, tended to chose other European destinations like Spain or Italy. It was all good feedback.

The Show gave us the chance to show off the new facility on the site to buy Gift Subscriptions! They work in just the same way as normal subscriptions, and you can choose for the website to email the information to your recipient including a link to a voucher with a code and details of how to activate it, or if you want, you can simply have the information emailed to yourself to print out and give to the recipient personally.

I think these Gift subscriptions would make great corporate gifts or incentives as part of a bonus package. My wondrous web designer Charles (Ocean Design) has given me the facility to generate multiple gift codes on the database, so that way I can negotiate with relevant corporate companies and administer the gifts separately off the website.

Take a look at the Gift page here. You can use the usual my-blog-readers-incentive code D1BLG07 to get yourself a discount here too.