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Author: Wink Lorch

It’s a Gift!

Showing off Wine Travel Guides at The Wine Show in London was interesting. Of course, the stand didn’t appeal to everyone as it was dry! We wondered whether to offer wine from one of the recommended producers in the Guides, but then decided it would defeat the object, as visitors would be tasting the wine… View more


The Wine Show, London

Very belated posting … no broadband for 2 weeks (UK readers: don’t ever sign-up with Tiscali, I won’t even start the rant here …). Exciting news: www.winetravelguides.com has taken a stand at The Wine Show at the Islington Business Design Centre in London. This consumer wine show takes place from this Thursday 25th – Sunday… View more


Wines of Uruguay – in depth

Here is my Uruguayan pin-up – wine producer Reinaldo de Lucca, maker of some intense Tannats, and exciting Marsanne and Syrah – a Francophile, a womanizer of the kindest sort, and an all-round lovely, generous man. The comprehensive wine information website, Wine Pages has published my in-depth article on the wines of Uruguay, which I… View more


Some more write-ups AND a Promise

Whilst I’ve been swanning around doing other things and getting ever-more-behind on tidying up my office and more importantly, figuring out how to do PR to the world’s travel media, I’ve had a couple of good write-ups.Firstly, from Calgary in Canada – check this blog:http://communities.canada.com/calgaryherald/blogs/uncorked/archive/2007/06/04/new-wine-travel-website.aspxAnd then, UK-based Wine & Spirit Magazine gave me a good… View more