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Jura and Savoie – Wine Report: The Insiders’ Guide

Jura and Savoie – Wine Report: The Insiders’ Guide

I reported on this blog back in April, and Decanter have now (4 months later) reported, that Dorling Kindersley will no longer publish Wine Report, the annual wine guide that I have written for since its inception with the 2004 edition. However, all is not lost. Firstly, the author Tom Stevenson still has hopes of finding a publisher for a 2011 edition – do read his very candid comments about the past and future of the guide in his long comment on the Decanter article.

Thanks to PDF publishing technology I’ve at last found a way (and Tom has given me permission) to publish completely free all 6 editions of my Jura and Savoie chapter. Although you will find the lists of best, good value and up-and-coming producers only change a little from year to year, anyone with an interest in these somewhat obscure eastern France wine regions will find plenty of news and opinion to read, much of which is still relevant. The links to each year’s chapter are below with the most recent – the 2009 edition – shown in full, so you can scroll down and read it without leaving this page. You can print any of them for your own use.

Wine Report Jura and Savoie 2008
Wine Report Jura and Savoie 2007
Wine Report Jura and Savoie 2006
Wine Report Jura and Savoie 2005
Wine Report Jura and Savoie 2004
Wine Report Jura and Savoie 2009

I was inspired to do this by Tom himself, all of whose chapters including the introduction to each guide and his specialist chapters of Alsace and Champagne can be downloaded on Tom Cannavan’s Wine Pages website.

You can of course still buy the complete 2009 guide on Amazon and elsewhere. I hope that by publishing these chapters it might help spread the word of the importance of this guide to wine lovers all over the world, and somehow might encourage a publisher to give Tom Stevenson the right deal so that the guide can live again!

I welcome your comments on its future and hope you enjoy my chapters.