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One Year On: Exciting Developments Planned

One Year On: Exciting Developments Planned

Wine Travel Guides has been live for a whole year now and the feedback has been great – when a subscriber writes to me saying how useful the guides are with his wine trip planning, it makes it seem all worthwhile; when I have a good week for subscriptions, it’s even better!

I’ve been wavering as to whether to do it yet, but feel I must do it sooner rather than later. What’s that? Well, speculate to accumulate … take the plunge and expand my travel guides to other wine countries – a few key regions in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany will be the first on stream later this year. Well, I’m committed now, because I’ve announced it in the birthday press release released today. Hope you can take a look and forward it on to other people.

This week is the London International Wine Fair, a chance to meet colleagues, friends and wine producers from all over the world. I’m not confined to discussing my website, in fact I shall be focussing in particular on catching up with wine producers from South America, my other wine speciality. Tonight Brett and I are attending a dinner at the Uruguay ambassador’s residence and then I’m doing a presentation and tasting on the wines of Uruguay tomorrow afternoon. I shall be attending a Chilean wine seminar and hoping to taste plenty of Chile and Argentine wines too. Brett is working for the French Sopexa stand all three days so exhaustion looms for both of us!

Finally, in a bid to use internet marketing techniques to get my site and this little blog known, I’ve signed up to Qassia – a new site accumulating articles from all walks of life, mainly as a showcase for their writers to promote their websites. I’ve rattled off a little basic wine article each day for ten days, partly as a test/discipline for me and partly to earn ‘Qassia dollars’. You can view my profile, read the articles and even sign up to have your own profile and articles here.


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  1. Hi there! I had come across your guides before, but not your blog. I have now added you to my list of UK Wine Blogs at the wineconversation.com (I see I’m already on your list, thanks)I note you mention new Spanish guides. Will there be one for Rioja? Who is writing it?If you are interested, we are organising a wine bloggers get-together in August in Rioja – you could kill two birds with one stone and come along?Our conference site is at: http://ewbc2008.wineblogger.infoI look forward to hearing from youRobert

    Jul 10, 2008