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Two weeks on live – spreading the word

Two weeks on live – spreading the word

It’s been exciting moving from the production process to the process of spreading the word.
Having got on line in time for the Wine Trade Fair, I sent a press release out to various contacts including some of the members of the Circle of Wine Writers.
Within 48 hours, I was written up on a well-known UK-based blog:
Now that I’m using Google alerts to tell me if something comes up, it keeps on telling me that something new has been written – but actually it is usually the same as the spittoon.biz blog message, which has now travelled the world!
I noticed too at the Trade Fair that print press, who now have an on-line news presence really NEED stories and so, I got a mention in the Trade Press Harpers very quickly too.
Two other blogs have also written about Wine Travel Guides:
A wine-business orientated South African-based blog:
(I later told them I’d changed the registration email problem, but they didn’t update it unfortunately!)
And a fun US based blog:
It’s all a great way of spreading the word.

I’ve also got promises of some print coverage, and have been giving selected organisations and journalists Discount Codes to entice people to subscribe:
WANT ONE??? – see my next post shortly.

Best news of all is that around 200 people have registered to look at the sample Guide and I have half a dozen subscriptions – real money coming in instead of going out, at last!

Please keep spreading the word about www.winetravelguides.com – for anyone contemplating a trip to vineyard areas in France, it’s invaluable.

I’m off to Burgundy for the week now – it’s a tough life in the wine business.